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Our LEV Integraran buttery smooth through its travel at all times with no sticking or inconsistent movements. I cannot justify the economics of that. The dropper actuation mechanism is the method used to raise or lower the post. The dropper posts are cumbersome and unreliable with their cables and fluid. Despite complaints of incessant noise from the KS LEV Integrasaddle clamp during our previous dropper post test, we had a completely different experience with our current test post. Our saddle clamp bolts have stayed tight, keeping our seat in the position where we want it for months on end. What kind of Grease do you use for a dropper post? · Taking the Aeffect dropper post apart wasn&39;t entirely intuitive but overall the process is straight forward and the parts themselves appear to be very well made, especially considering the price.

With a bit of TLC yo. Also before your ride, you may want to drop the post and extend the post a few times to get the fluid in the post working up and down. WHAT’S NEW + One-piece 3D forged alloy stanchion. A cable that has gotten pulled tight or loose, will defintely have an impact on how well your KS Lev dropper post moves up and down. KS also manufactures a variety of aftermarket accessories, including colorful anodized remote parts, seal collars, as well as the Southpaw remote, a 1x shifter style lever, which you can find for around online. In the larger three diameters, the travel options are 80, 100, 125, 150, and 170mm. eTen-R represents one of the best values in droppers currently on the market.

Learn more in this video. The installation manual was pretty poor. e20-i checks all the boxes. From HL Corp which is the largerst bike componenets suppllier in terms of sales quantity; Manual control. I use a KS i7r with Cane Creek adapter on my Kona and it works fine.

HL Dropper Seatpost Manual Control Lever Height Adjustable Hydraulic, 100mm Travel x 375mm. For more information, please visit: www. · And 150 mm travel KS Levs are available now too in the larger diameters of 30. Really this is about placement. KS Suspension&39;s step by step video on how to install a new LEV dropper seatpost. Reliable, light and strong, LEV Integra is a thoroughbred among workhorses. Dropper posts are everywhere manual dropper ks in the world of mountain biking, including right in the firing line of dirt and water from your rear wheel.

We found that it was among the easiest to compress, right up there with the 9point8 Fall Line, Fox Transfer Performance, and the Bike Yoke Revive. LEV is the OG of modern droppers and the first to offer a zero-movement cable. · So you just brought home a KS LEV Integra dropper post, and now it’s time to do the install. If you&39;re looking for a lightweight dropper that won&39;t completely break the bank, the KS LEV Integra may be the post for you.

The Rainier line of manual dropper ks dropper posts are affordable and reliable, perfect for low maintenance mountain biking. The remote, or lever itself will be connected to the dropper post either via a mechanical cable, or via a hydraulic hose. The eTen seatpost doesnt compromise quality but does shed price.

First, just double check that the cable going to the KS Lev dropper seatpost is setup correctly. The zero offset head and standard two-bolt saddle clamp design have never made a single extraneous noise, ever. by KS KS Supernatural, Dropzone, eTEN Cable Collar — . KS Dropper Post Service Parts KS Cables, Anchors & Parts Dropper Seatpost Part. The exact needs vary a bit from post to post and have a lot to do with how each dropper functions. KS eTen Remote Dropper Seatpost Black, 27. Kind Shock is the first to admit that they produce one of the most expensive seatpost on the market but they havent abandoned their fans on a budget. · Dropper posts are too expensive for an low to middle income person.

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s a bit more involved than dealing with an externally routed version. KS makes dropper posts, and aside from a couple of handlebars and stems, that is pretty much their forte. Considering the weight, overall performance, and longevity of our test post, we feel that the LEV Integra is a good value. Posts to consider at this price point include the KS Suspension ETEN, Giant Contact dropper post and the Brand-X Ascend. 2mm diameter comes in 65, 80, 100, and 120mm drop lengths. 0 out of 5 stars 2.

The travel is perfect for me, but I&39;m not that tall 5&39;9". Efficient and damn near un-breakdown-able, this dropper has the functionality and the sick looks to complement any build. It took a little while to regain our trust as we got over that initial impression, but the replacement post has performed admirably and trouble-free ever since.

It&39;s our Top Pick for Lightweight Performance and offered more fluid action and was easier to install than droppers that cost significantly more. Dropper post 100mm travel, length 375mm. Again our insider engineers at BikeYoke, KS & 9point8 gave us the full lowdown on the maintenance that a dropper post requires.

The adjustable air spring, smooth and consistent travel, lightweight, and reasonable price make the KS post one of our favorites. So if you find your KS Lev dropper seatpost sticking in the down position, here are a few easy things to try (especially if your KS Lev dropper post is new): First, just double check that the cable going to the KS Lev dropper seatpost is setup correctly. · Shimano Pro Koryak Alongside KS Suspension, Shimano offers the widest range of dropper sizes on the market. It’s costs basically every time you raise and lower your seat (0/2 = 225 raise and lower. When mounted alongside the other dropper posts on our side-by-side test apparatus, we were impressed by the smoothness of the KS post in its extension.

What is KS dropper post? But as internally-routed frames become the standard, this is a process we all need to know. · You can take a 27. Being able to rotate the entry point was awesome.

KS Suspension&39;s step by step video on how to service your LEV dropper seatpost. 2 dropper from KS, XFusion, GD or RASE and fit it with a 30-27. 6 Bicycle Dropper Seatpost Manual Control Lever Height Adjustable Hydraulic. KS Dropper Post Service Parts KS Cables, Anchors & Parts Dropper Seatpost Part EAN:. Typically in the bike world, when something weighs less, it tends to cost more, but this is manual dropper ks not the case with the KS Dropper. This is a great development since as riders advance into more technical manual dropper ks terrain and as they get used to dropper posts, they seem to need more and more drop. 6 Bicycle Dropper Seatpost Manual Control Lever Height Adjustable Hydraulic, 100mm Travel x 375mm.

However, with most riders now using a 1x drivetrain, the most ergonomic solution is a trigger shifter on the left side of the bar. In addition to the LEV Integra, KS also produces several other dropper posts. This is a great option for the economically minded. 6mm (tested), and 34. How does a dropper seatpost work?

It is important to note that the price varies by travel length with longer drop lengths costing more. Available diameters: 30. KS ETEN REMOTE DROPPER SEATPOST DROP DOWN LOW Dropper posts have become the norm in the mountain bike world. Built around the motto, “set it and forget it”, these posts are known for their unwavering reliability, while giving you an answer to safely descend steep terrain or techy sections.

The KS saddle clamp design is quite simple: two bolts, fore and aft, tighten down the upper. 6mm; Available seatpost drops: 4in/100mm, 5in/125mm, 6in/150mm, 7in/175mm; Two remote options (1X-Under/Left or 2X/3X-Left/Right). KS LEV Oil Cartridge for 125mm, Black. . Some dropper posts like the KS and Yep offer remotes that are compatible with a 2x drivetrain. Internal cable routing, one-piece forged stanchion, cartridge-based architecture, micro-adjust head. 6mm, 125mm, Black.

Built using the same proven integrated cartridge design as LEV Integra for reliable performance fitting virtually any bike. How to perform general service and maintenance on your KS LEV Integra dropper seatpost. How can I Fix my KS Lev dropper post? They are one of the few making a 27.

At 3, the LEV Integrais a good value. A dropper seatpost is actuated via the use of either a handlebar located remote or a seatpost lever. Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost (125mm & 150mm) Precisely engineered to bring you fast and smooth operation on the trails, the Ascend dropper post will get you into the optimum riding position in a flash. The KS lost some points to the competition for their basic remote lever design. This means you&39;ll be primed for the upcoming terrain so you can attack a climb or descent without having to stop to change your saddle position. 9 out of 5 stars 2.

See full list on outdoorgearlab. Best budget dropper seatpost you can get in market. Most bikes come stock with a dropper post now. The KS remote is a small vertically oriented lever that can be mounted on either side of the handlebar for compatibility with any drivetrain configuration. The LEV Integra comes in 27.

. 2 Dropper Post is the skinnier tubed version of our acclaimed Rainier post. The speed of return on the KS post can be adjusted by adding air to the air spring throu. Our first impression with the KS LEV Integrawasn&39;t the best, as no one likes sending in their brand new dropper post for warranty within weeks of purchasing a new bike. WHAT’S NEW + Updated cylindrical upper clamp nuts do not spin + More vertical head clamp bolt angle + Updated cartridge is more durable with smoother rebound + Lighter weight, rotating bottom actuator. For example, the 170mm post retails for 0.

2mm diameter post for XC bikes, and their post travel ranges from 70-170mm. by KS KS ETENi/E30iS Air Cartridge, 100mm, Black — . · What you need to do to keep a dropper sliding smoothly. KS Lev Integra Dropper Seatpost.

6mm Cable Remote hand control hydraulic seat tube Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! KS primarily produces dropper posts and the LEV Integra is among the most popular as an aftermarket purchase due to its light weight, reasonable price, smooth performance, and low stack height. Smoothness and Functionality. 6mm, 150mm, Black.

Understanding the KS Dropper Seatpost Models There are many dropper seatposts to choose from now and it can be difficult to understand. Owner’s Manual (All languages) SUPERNATURAL, DROPZONE, ETEN MODELS SUPERNATURAL, SUPERNATURAL REMOTE, SUPERNATURAL BEAM, SUPERNATURAL 272, SUPERNATURAL 272 REMOTE, DROPZONE, DROPZONE REMOTE, eTEN AND eTEN REMOTE (All languages). KS ExaForm Speed Up Hydro Dropper Seatpost - 31.

Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Cheap Bicycle Seat Post, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:Kindshock KS EXA 900I MTB seatpost adjustable height mountain bike 30. KS ETEN Lever Seatpostnbsp The Kind Shock ETEN Seatpost combines value and performance.

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