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Item Type: Insulation Resistance Tester. Insulation Tester - VICI VC60B Resistor Instrument Digital Insulation Tester Megohm Megger Tension 1KV Backlight LED Alarm LCD Backlighting: Approx. What is insulation tester calibration Ver? Introduction:The whole instrument is stylish and superior grade in appearance and highly stable in performance. This test is meant to detect very small breaks throughout the cable insulation. The meter has two ranges, first from 0. · Hello, I&39;ve purchased a VC60B+ a few days ago, which is an insulation tester branded under different names (Victor, Vici, and others). VC60B+ is an accurate and easy-to-use insulation resistance tester, it has Large LCD display, strong anti-magnetic and anti-jamming function.

An accurate, reliable and easy-to-use insulation tester 2. Describe your experience with the Victor VC60B+ Insulation tester. For example, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) recommends a temperature baseline constant for electric machinery insulation testing of 104F. WARNING WARNING 1. Check “dead” circuits using the 3-point test method: 1) test a “known live circuit”, 2) test the target circui. It uses digital bridge to make the insulation resistance measurement had the features of user-friendly,. Any high-capacitance model. , Ltd storefront on EC21.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. DESCRIPTION VC60B+1. and tell us why you give it the rating you did (required). Bside VC60B+ Insulation Resistance Tester Digital Megohmmeter Electrician Megohm Meter DC 250/500/1000V, AC 750V Voltage Measurement .

Bside VC60B+ Insulation Resistance Tester Digital Megohmmeter Electrician Megohm Meter DC 250/500/1000V, AC 750V Voltage Measurement. What is the best insulation tester for a motor? Always perform an insulation test on a de-energized piece of equipment, line, or circuit. Buy best VICI VC60B+ Insulation Tester with escrow buyer protection. 90 less expensive than an average insulation resistance meter (6.

Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on. This review covers products within the price range from to 0. 1 x Insulation Resistance Tester (Battery Not Included).

Any low-capacitance insulation resistance testing device. The meter has an accuracy of +- 4%. Time Resistance/Time Ratio Test and Leakage Tests – are low-capacitance tests that use polarization index (PI) and dielectric absorption rate (DAR) to determine cable, transformer, motor, electrical installation integrity. VC60B Digital Insulation Tester with Range up to 1000V Auto-range on all functions 3999 counts max 25mm high digit display Data hold Relative mode Wrong input alert Low battery indication Auto power off Full overload protection Fuse protection at 10A current range Protective holster (rubber boot). Measurements should be corrected when the temperature varies. 1Mohm to 20Mohm second from 0 to 500Mohm. · Victor Digital Insulation Tester 1000v Vc60b(49$) Has a measuring voltage of up to 250V.

Current leakage is usually detected by the mandatory ground-fault circuit interrupter “GFCI” (i. When test voltage select key is not press ed down, it is possible to appear high voltage on output voltage jack. Page 1: Operation Description INSULATION TESTER Measured 250V±10% 500V±10% 1000V±10% INSTUCTION MANUAL voltage 一、GENERAL RANGE 0. VICTOR VC60B+ Digital Insulation Resistance Tester. is considered a world leader in the manufacture, distribution, and servicing of electronic test tools and software. Measurement Cables with Clips (1 pair); 3. The resistance will vary according to the temperature (i. Consumer-grade devices have test range up to Megohms while that of more expensive model amounts to 4000 Megaohms and 10 Gigaohms.

the measuring instrument is not set properly 3. ABOUT Into the victory Factory outlook Quality Assurance; PRODUCT Digital Multimeter. Discharge terminals directly into the earth. Resistance decreases as temperature increases. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for VC60B+ Digital Multimeter Insulation Resistance Multi Tester DCV ACV Megohm Meter Megohmmeter with Backlit LCD DC-250/500/1000V AC-750V 0. It comes with good quality leads and sturdy case. Temperature and humidity can affect insulation testing results. Spot Reading/Short-time Testing – is similar to a Proof (Go/No-Go) Test that quick-tests insulation after installation.

VICI VC60B+ Insulation Tester(id:8944178), View quality insulation tester, resistance meter details from Shenzhen Vicimeter Technology Co. It&39;s in the top 3 bestselling insulation resistance meters and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Yi Duo DY30-2 or Duoyi DY30-1. The type of equipment being tested and the reason for testing determines what test method you use. It is most suitable for the needs of insulation resistance check, such as electric, cable, electrical and mechanical equipment, telecommunication equipment and electrical facilities. 1~MΩ VC60B+ 4 - Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Megger MegOhm Meter 1000V 0.

Top 6 Reasons to Get VC60B+:. What is the most reliable name brand model? Large LCD display, easy to read 3. VICHY VC60B+ Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Megger MegOhmmeter Meter Features: - An accurate, reliable and easy-to-use insulation resistance tester - Large LCD display, easy to read - Strong anti-magnetic and anti-jamming function - Full function protection, anti high voltage circuit design - Unit symbol display, easy to use.

They have stable voltages and sensitivity to accurately test small currents. What is an accurate insulation resistance tester? . When measuring, firstly, check whether test voltage select and test voltage remind on LCD are the same as need voltage. The thing I have found missing in recent years is a quality store that sells products locally for a good price. Have recently spent mega bucks at work on 2 Chauvin Arnoux C.

. The Resistance range is from 0. Has a measuring voltage of up to 250V. Shut down equipment and disconnect/discharge all switches, circuits, and connections. They generate stable results under changeable conditions (temp/humidity). Victor VC60B+ is a very popular and one of the cheapest options. 88 Free shipping.

99 Supco M500 Insulation Tester/Electronic Megohmmeter with Soft Carrying Case, 0 to 1000 megohms. Records data in the instrument’s memory for later download or transfer to the cloud. 0 is a digital insulation tester which adopts DC voltage converter of low consumption and high converter ratio inductance energy storage to convert the vc60b insulation tester manual video voltage of 9Vdc into 250V/500V/1000Vdc. In order to perform the resistance test, you must set your multimeter for resistance measurement and take an ohms reading between the two power leads (120V power leads are black & yellow / 240V are black & red). 1~MΩ VC60B+ . Measuring Voltage. To make sure there is no contact between the braid and the two conductors, you must perform a continuity test.

In order to perform the insulation resistance test, you must use a megohmmeter (MΩ), also known as a “megger”, to take an insulation measurement between the braid and one of the two power leads. It’s widely used for insulation testing of electric machines, cables, electronic equipments, electric facilities, etc. A spot reading/short-time test is a low-capacitance test that applies a test voltage for approximately 60 seconds. Big screen. Package Includes: 1.

Batteries (6 each); 5. (Good) Insulation resistance is measured in megohms. Insulation resistance and insulation temperature are inversely proportional. a thermostat with integrated GFCI or a panel mount GFCI). 1~MΩ at Amazon.

" "position),it means insulation resistance exceed M Ω 5. Test the floor temperature sensors using vc60b insulation tester manual video a multimeter to verify accuracy of the sensors. the cable has vc60b insulation tester manual video been damaged 2. Note: Median resistance ensures that two terminal voltages is not less than 90% of test voltage of low terminal limit value of measure resistance. New technology has made insulation testers valuable quality control, maintenance, and budget/cost control tools. 1MΩ— This instrument adopts the DC Voltage convertor of low 20MΩ 50MΩ 100MΩ consumption and high converter ratio inductance energy 20MΩ— 50MΩ— 100MΩ— storage, to change the 9V Voltage to 250V/500V/1000V DC 500MΩ. Operation Manual; 4. We only ship to the address on Paypal.

All the items are recommended for be used indoors to test appliances, motors, cables, etc, with Fluke 1507 insulation tester suggested forprofessional use. What is the voltage of an insulation meter? It can be operated by both hands through using a shoulder strap. Insulation tester calibration verifies the accuracy of the insulation tester as well as the accuracy of short current testings, polarization index (PI) and dielectric parameter functions, and verifications of dielectric absorption and polarization ratios. It came with a Chinese manual which I can&39;t read. The ohms measurement (along with the vc60b insulation tester manual video results of the rest of the tests) must be recorded in your Heating Cable Tests Log on page 30 of the DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbook. Avoid holding the test meter if possible (minimize your transients exposure).

· VC60B+ is an accurate and easy-to-use insulation resistance tester, it has Large LCD display, strong anti-magnetic and anti-jamming function. Record your test results on the Heating Cable Tests Log on page 30 of the DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbook. Scope of Insulation 250V: 0. Main disappointment is with the manual: poorly worded and not clear. More Vc60b Insulation Tester Manual videos. · Arrived quickly and intact.

1MΩ~ 20MΩ/20MΩ~ 500MΩ;. Modern battery-operated insu. Worked for testing heating cable insulation, but only displayed "1" vs any more detailed measurement. Set the multimeter for resistance at 10K Ω +/- 2 (at room temperature) and take a reading between the sensor leads. A 6549&39;s, Insulation Testers, and, as far as I&39;m concerned, along with megger these are the dogs yollocks (superb professional Engineering term for "excellent piece of kit") Now, been trawlin the fleabay and see Insulation Testers of type VC60B et al circa £25-£35, anyone tried these, stripped them down or had a shocking. We are offering vc60b insulation tester, mega ohm meter. 10 sec Input Impedance: 1 MΩ Sampling rate: 3 times / sec.

, the colder the sensor, the higher the resistance). The Victor VC60B+ Meghometer will do all the testing I need to do as an Electrical contractor without the large outlay in cost for test equipment that may be infrequently used. Digital Insullation Tester, Vichy Vc60b+ Digital Insulation Resistance Megohmmeter Meter Tester 9V DC into 250V/500V/1000V DC AC 750V 4. Product name: Insulation Tester VICTOR VC60B+ MANUAL DOWNLOAD C E DOWNLOAD.

Vc60b insulation tester manual video

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